Fox DYAD RT2 Overview

At the heart of OverMountain's versatile performance is the DYAD RT2 shock. It lets you switch from long travel to short travel instantly for the best possible performance across the widest spectrum of terrain.

We don't blame you for being sick of compromise. Having to choose between the efficiency of a short travel bike and the fun of a long travel shredder gets old fast. Just like every other mountain biker, we wished we could switch bikes at the top of the hill. To climb an XC bike up and then hop on a long travel rig for the descent would be pretty sweet, right? How about if you could transform your bike on the fly from long travel to short travel and back again, instantaneously, depending on your mood and what the trail is throwing your way? For everyone who's tired of compromise, we present the DYAD RT2 shock. The world's first and only true, two-shocks-in-one, super shock. 

This radical new shock technology, developed in collaboration with the suspension wizards at Fox Racing Shox, provides two completely different shock options in one package: Elevate - a shorter travel, lower volume, air shock for rolling and climbing terrain, and Flow - a longer travel, high volume, linear air shock for aggressive descents. Two totally different air springs volumes, two completely separate damping circuits with separate compression damping settings and separate rebound adustments, each fully optimized for the intended terrain and available via a handlebar mounted lever. Switching between Elevate and Flow also changes the bike's sag height and geometry, keeping the rider in the proper position for the terrain. It is fundamentally like having two different bikes available to you at the flick of a switch. Elevate your soul and let it flow. 

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