What is ECS-TC technology?

Cannondale's ECS-TC technology stands for Enhanced Center Stiffness - Torsion Control

A frame is only as stiff as its weakest parts. On dual suspension bikes, those weakest parts are often the crucial bearings and links that join the swing arm to the front triangle. The vague, imprecise sensation felt on so many bikes is caused by the subtle movement and flex that occurs in the connecting hardware as the loads on the bike shift from side-to-side. Individual cartridge bearings all exhibit slight lateral play as the races shift and begin loading the bearings. Links and axles often flex and rotate relative to each other, and these small factors all combine to negatively influence what we call Center Stiffness. To create bikes with solid Center Stiffness, which responds instantly to rider input and deliver unprecedented sensitivity and feedback, we designed a multi-part system, eliminating any flex and play in the links and bearings. 

Cannondale's ECS-TC technology relies on three key features:

  • Double Clamped 15mm Thru-Axles: The ECS-TC system uses 15mm thru-axles for the key pivots. By placing axle bearings in-board and clamping the ends of the axle, the axle becomes a structural part of the link or swing arm. Tying the two sides of the link or swing arm together via the axle in this manner radically increases the system's ability to resist twisting loads. 
  • Collet Sleeve Bearing Preload: Rather than relying on spacers or washes to take up the space between the links and bearings like other systems, the ECS-TC system has an innovative collet-style preload system. Sitting between the clamp and the axle, the collet sleeves slide into place against the bearing, eliminating any play and allowing perfect centering of the link. 
  • Double-Stack Rear Dropout Pivot: At the rear dropout, where the wheel prevents the two pivots from being joined by an axle, we double-stack two bearings side by side in each pivot. This greatly increases the seat stays ability to instantly resist twisting loads, making for an incredibly solid feeling swing arm. 

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