SPEED SAVE: Much like the suspension on F1 cars, SPEED SAVE features are engineered to help the bike roll faster, not simply to make it more comfortable. Emphasizing light weight and torsional rigidity, SPEED SAVE delivers improved rolling speed, better acceleration, and dramatically improved cornering speed without negatively affecting power transfer.

SPEED SAVE works primarily via the balance between rear triangle and the fork. On the rear triangle, both the chainstays and the seatstays are able to flex slightly vertically to absorb shock, while up front, the fork's offset dropouts and lay-up allow it to have a matched amount of deflection. This creates a true micro-suspension system that allows the wheels to track over imperfect surfaces, whether the rider is seats or standing. This provides better traction and handling, higher speeds and faster cornering. 

The second part of the system concentrates on rider comfort. The seat tube features a directionally optimized carbon layup which allows it to deflect slightly fore and aft, which diffuses vibration and impacts and reduces the energy-sapping muscle micro-trauma caused by long days in the saddle.

SPEED SAVE technology can be found on the following models:


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