SAVE PLUS: An updated version of the system that started it all, SAVE PLUS offers even more vertical compliance than SPEED SAVE. Perfect for carrying top speed over the cobbles of northern Europe or for smoothing out your next Gran Fondo. 

The SAVE PLUS system works in three ways to lessen the impact of terrain on the rider:

  • Carbon Layup, for Fine to Small Bumps: The Synapse's carbon layup was designed to maximize something called "inter-laminar shear dissappation". Basically this means that the fibers are oriented in such a way that vibrations get caught up in the layers and are diffused before they can make it to the rider. This helps tune out that energy-sapping road buzz and keeps you fresher. 
  • Rear Triangle and Fork, for Small to Medium Bumps: Much like with SPEED SAVE, in SAVE PLUS the rear triangle and fork are designed to work together as a system, allowing the wheels to track the ground whether the rider is seated or standing. The seat stays use unique helixed shapes that both bend and compress under load like a spring, while the fork has a curved shape and offset dropouts that enable it to offer balanced vertical compliance with excellent steering precision.
  • Seat Post and Seat Tube, for Medium to Large Bumps: The smaller diameter 25.4mm round seatpost offers more compliance than larger diameter posts, an effect which is amplified by the collarless, wedge style seat clamp design. Without a seat collar extending above the top tube, more of the seatpost is exposed and able to flex and absorb shock. The seatpost is complimented by a seat tube that, due to its carbon layup and scalloped, flattened design, is able to bow in concert with the seatpost, maximizing comfort when the rider is seated.

SAVE PLUS technology can be found on the following models:

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