What Is The Difference Between SmartFormed Alloy And Optimized Alloy Frames?

Cannondale has two types of aluminum frames: the premium SmartFormed Alloy and standard Optimized Alloy. 

SmartFormed Alloy

SmartForm construction techniques deliver incredibly precise wall thickness distribution and tube shapes, concentrating material exactly where needed to maximize stiffness and strength, while shaving every last extraneous gram from the structure. Internally, all butting is accomplished via smooth, tapered transitions to eliminate the abrupt changes in material thickness which cause stress-risers. Furthermore, the double-pass smooth welds create the strongest possible joints, and the post-weld, heat-treat process creates a true uni-body finished structure. 


Optimized Alloy

It's too costly and labor intensive to SmartForm every aluminum frame, but our Optimized Alloy maintains the high degree of craftsmanship and performance. The frames feature many of the techniques found in the SmartFormed frames including refined butting, precisely controlled tube shapes and exceptional double-pass welds. 

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