How do I determine the value of an older bike?

"What's my bike worth?"; we are asked this question regularly.  Ultimately, your bike is worth whatever you're willing to sell it for. As we do not know the history of each individual bicycle, the condition it is in, how many years its sat in the shed, etc., we never provide "ballpark figures" of what your bike is worth.  

As with many older items, much of a bike's value is determined by what the market is willing to pay for it. To help determine a base line price, we suggest taking a look at Bicycle Blue Book to see what other sellers are getting for similar items:

No clue what bike you have?  The decals on your frame may provide more information than you think! Using a few decals and a color of paint, usually you can find which model and year of bike you have using resources like Bikepedia.  

Another strategy is to look through our catalogs for our bikes. If your bike is newer than 2008, we will have these catalogs archived on our website; you can find them HERE. If your bike is 2007 or older, you can find them at Vintage Cannondale.

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