Lefty SuperMax

The SuperMax takes everything that makes the Lefty great and supersizes it. The result: a fork as stiff and strong as most dual crown DH forks, yet lighter than most all-mountain forks. 

The Lefty SuperMax 29

The SuperMax's lower leg is 36mm in diameter, while the upper leg measures a whopping 46mm for maximum stiffness and steering precision. In order to offer the the best possible fit on long travel 29'ers, the SuperMax utilizes size-specific crown spacing to match each frame size. 

To accomodate trail riding set-ups, the fork leg offset allows for enough clearance to run stems as short as 50mm. 

The holy grail of long travel 29'ers is creating one that is stable yet responsive. We achieved that with SuperMax's 60mm offset. More offset means less "trail" and quicker handling. When combined with the stability of slacker head angles, you get the best of both: stable at high speed and agile at low speed. 

The new SuperMax hub features wider flange spacing which allows increased spoke angle for a stronger, stiffer wheel

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