SAVE Road Technology

SAVE technology is all about reducing road shock and vibration. By pairing precise tube shapes with sophisticated carbon lay up or highly manipulated aluminum, we are able to create areas on the fork, seat-tube and seatpost that can deflect to absorb shock, while staying completely rigid laterally and torsionally. The enhanced vertical compliance provided by these combined features greatly improves comfort and performance. 

Originally featured on the first Synapse Carbon (It started as an acronym for Synapse Active Vibration Elimantion), SAVE Micro-Suspension Technology has evolved into the following four variations for different types of bikes and riding:
  • SAVE PLUS - found on Synapse Carbon and Synapse frames
  • SPEED SAVE - found on Caad10 and SuperSix EVO frames
  • AERO SAVE - found on Slice and Slice RS frames
  • SAVE- found on Urban and Trail frames

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