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Even from normal riding use, your bicycle will need repairs and regular maintenance from time to time. Your technical aptitude and the severity of the repair will dictate if this should be done by yourself or a professional mechanic.

If you are not comfortable or knowledgeable about the necessary maintenance or repairs for your bicycle, please leave it to the professionals.

      "This limited warranty is void if the bicycle is subjected to abuse, neglect, improper repair, improper maintenance, alteration, modification,..."

Your local dealer will be able to provide the necessary service, repairs and maintenance to keep your bike running smoothly.  Your dealer may also be able to refer you to classes or books on bicycle use and maintenance.

For additional resources on identifying the components and basic maintenance for your bicycle, please refer to the owner manual for your bicycle platform (or specific supplement manual if available).  Not every model will have a supplement manual; in this case refer to the platform that it falls under (Mountain, Road, Hybrid, etc.).

To find our owners manuals, please refer to the screenshot of our webpage:

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