Lefty Hub Measurements

The following are dimensions for building a wheel with a Lefty hub:

Dimensions for Wheel Building SuperMax Lefty
Disc Flange Diameter 58.0mm 58.0mm
Non-Disc Flange Diameter 45.0mm 45.0mm
Disc Flange to Center 25.8mm 18.8mm
Non-Disc Flange to Center 34.6mm 31.6mm


  • Both a SuperMax or Lefty wheel hub can be used with the SuperMax. The wheel hub must be matched with the correct brake adapter.
  • The hub cap is a left-hand thread. It retains the axle bolt assembly and should only be removed when replacing the bearings or axle bolt parts, not when removing the wheel. 
  • The axle bolt is a right hand (normal) thread. To install or remove the wheel, insert a 5mm allen key. Turn it clockwise to install the wheel and counter-clockwise to remove the wheel. 
  • The Lefty hubcap is LEFT-hand thread. Use a Shimano TL-FW30 tool to install. 

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