Cannondale Road SiSL2 and Si Cranksets

HollowGram SiSL2 with OPI SpiderRing: The evolution of the revolution. 13 years ago, the original Cannondale HollowGram crank started the BB30 revolution and set a new standard for ultra-light, super-stiff cranks. The most current evolution of the HollowGram, the SiSL2 continues this tradition of radical innovation. These hollow cranks are created by bonding together two machined, heat-treated clamshell halves with a super-strong anaerobic bonding agent. Extensive FEA modeling and physical testing have allowed us to refine the internal and external shapes for the ultimate in stiffness-to-weight. The results is a crank light and stiff enough for our top road race machines but still so tough, we use it on our mountain bikes as well. 

SiSl2 with OPI SpiderRing

As beautiful as the cranks are, the most eye-catching feature of the cranks is the OPI SpiderRing. Inspired by auto racing wheels, the 10-arm spider and both chainrings are 3D forged and machined from a single block of aluminum. This one-piece design saves weight and reduces chainring deflection for crisper, more precise shifts. The SpiderRing is available in both 53/39t and 50/34t options and is retrofittable to all HollowGram cranks. 

HollowGram Si: Our patented OPI 3D forging process enables us to build hollow, seamless crankarms that are not only extremely light but also incredibly strong and stiff. In fact, they are the stiffest, strongest crankarms we've ever made. As light as the first-generation HollowGram cranks and completely compatible with every HollowGram spider and chainring set-up, the Si brings HollowGram performance to more price points than ever. 
Si crank with 50/34t 

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