Lefty Hybrid Needle Bearing System

Beginning in 2013, Cannondale's Lefty forks featured a new hybrid bearing technology. This new system combines our patented needle bearings with a single lower glide bearing and Durathon seal. The new system offers a variety of advantages over previous Lefty forks and traditional suspension forks:
  • Trouble-Free: Completely sealed, low-wear system offers around double the time between major services compared to the competition.
  • Even Stiffer: The glide bearing adds additional structural stiffness, especially deep in the travel. 
  • Self-lubricating: The new design seals out contaminants and seals in a small bath of lubricating oil for the bearings and glide bearing. 
  • Boot-Free: Sealed design eliminates the need for the old accordion boot. 

The Lefty Hybrid Needle Bearing System

The core technology features of the Lefty Hybrid Needle Bearing System:

Self-Resetting: Integrated bearing stops allow needle bearins to reset themselves during regular riding, reducing the need for manual resetting for more trouble-free riding. 

Needle Bearings: Sandwiched between hardened, polished steel races on the inner and outer legs, these friction-free bearings handle the bulk of the forces, allowing the fork to stay super-active under all loads. 

Lubricating Oil Bath: Space between inner and outer leg contains an oil bath that keeps the needle bearings and glide bearing constantly lube for buttery smooth performance and long life. 

Glide Bearing: Increases contact and overlap between the inner and out legs for greater stiffness, especially deep in the travel when it matters most. 

Durathon Seal System: Completely seals the fork structure, sealing out contaminants and holding in a lubricating oil bath for the needle bearings and glide bearings. 

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